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  • To undertake all studies and establish an appropriate structure for the training and employment of Navigating Officers, Ships’ ratings, Ships’ hotel staff and specialists seagoing personnel of ships and all types of vessels of all categories including Passenger Liners, Tankers, Oils Drills & Platforms, Supply Ships and specialist ships in oceanographic surveys.

  • To manage, organise the recruitment and undertake the career path’s follow-up of Navigating Officers, ships’ ratings, ship-hotel staff and specialist seafarers for their employment on board such vessels.

  • To undertake the Technical and Commercial management of all categories of vessels for the company’s own account or for the account of Private and Public companies.

  • To act as Ship chandler for the supply of foodstuff to the vessels and to undertake the catering and administration thereof and to purchase all equipment, spare-parts, stocks and other ships’ supplies for any ship-owner.

  • To negotiate contracts as ship agents for public, parastatal and private shipping companies.

  • To act as port agent for any type of vessel and for deep sea fishing vessels.

  • To undertake cargo handling, stevedoring, stuffing and devanning of containers of cereals, foodstuff and miscellaneous products.

  • To act as manager of port warehouses or any shed used for the storage of miscellaneous products.

  • To undertake or sub-contract road transport management and to organise the logistics thereof.

  • To act as Clearing and Forwarding agent for the company, its Principals or any third party.

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